Choosing a Sofa: 12 Designer Tips to Read Before You Buy

12 Designer Tips for Choosing a Sofa | Need help choosing a sofa? Check out these decorating ideas and tips from top designers on what you need to know about sofas before you go shopping. | | #choosingasofa #interiordesign #livingrooms #sofa #furniture #designertips #decoratingtips #livingroomdecor

The sofa is the most important element of a living room. Not only is it where you lounge, nap, entertain, and watch television, but it’s also a large piece that has a substantial effect on the room’s overall style. When you are decorating a living room, your first priority is choosing a sofa.

Because the sofa has such an impact on the space for more than one reason, you don’t want to wing it when you go shopping for one. This is one piece you definitely want to give a lot of thought to beforehand and make sure you know exactly what you need. Answering that question isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like it to be, though. There are so many options!

Recently, House Beautiful asked top designers to share their decorating ideas, tips and secrets on choosing the perfect sofa and they delivered a treasure trove of information. I picked out 12 of the best tips that are sure to help you make an informed and confident decision the next time you shop for a sofa, along with some of my favorite sofas on the market right now via affiliate links to give you some ideas.

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