5 Ways to Decorate with What You Have and Make it Feel Fresh

5 Ways Decorate with What You Have & Make it Feel Fresh | To give your home a makeover, you don’t have to throw everything out. Follow these tips on how to decorate with what you have and make your home feel fresh and stylish on a budget. | TheCasaCollective.com | #decoratewithwhatyouhave #decoratingideas #budgetdecorating #inexpensivedecorating #interiordecorating

Decorating your home doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out and start out from scratch. Most of the time, you can decorate with what you have by making some simple changes and giving it new life. Whether it’s making an old piece of decor look chic with a can of spray paint, hacking furniture into something new, or simply changing an element like an accent wall to make the furniture pop can make a world of difference.

It’s so cool how big of an impact small details can have in decorating. Before you go out shopping for new things, take inventory of what you have. Go through every room and anything you have in storage and look at it with a creative eye. What is it you don’t like about each piece? Is it just the color or finish? Would some simple changes turn it into something you would like?

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10 Ways to Freshen Your Home For the New Year

10 Ways to Freshen Your Home For the New Year | The Casa Collective | #freshenyourhome #decoratingtips #interiordecorating #interiordesign

Let me begin this by stating that I really love Christmas (“C’mon and let it snow.” Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Love that movie.) …As I was saying, I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. However, when the season is over I am more than ready to put away the holiday decorations and get started with the new year. Like many people, I’m often inspired to make changes. One of the most fun places to begin is in my home. As I tell my clients, changes you make in your home will have an effect on you every day. And sometimes the smallest things you do to freshen your home can bring a huge reward.

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