10 Questions that Speed Up the Declutter Process

The word “declutter” has been known to conjure dread in the hearts of many. Let’s face it: it requires all sorts of unappealing things, like forcing us to decide if we really need that old lamp from college that we have an inexplicable sentimental attachment to or those boots we once loved but have sadly seen better days.

It makes us take time out of our already busy day.

And the sheer amount of stuff you have to go through…

There is just so MUCH of it!!!

Unless you are someone who just naturally enjoys the process of decluttering and organizing (I am one of those odd people), decluttering your home is something you’ve probably been avoiding for a long time because the idea of doing it is, frankly, overwhelming and unenjoyable to think about.

And where do you even start?

The fact of the matter is, clearing out the clutter is not only the first step to getting organized, but it’s also the first thing you need to do before you start decorating a room. It’s a crucial step toward making your home a place you can feel truly relaxed and excited to be in. It’s important to look at decluttering as an act of empowerment. It is getting rid of all the headache and excess stuff so your home can be lighter and cleaner, and make room for the new things that really inspire you.

Focus on one room at a time to feel less overwhelmed by your to-do list. Then, within each room, break it down to even smaller tasks, such as the closet, dresser drawers, linen closet, etc. Don’t try to do it all in one day. You know what they say ─ Rome wasn’t built in a day. (And I doubt they organized all their tools and supplies in one day, either.)

Speed up the declutter process with these 10 questions you should ask yourself when trying to decide whether to keep an item or toss it. | 10 Questions that Speed Up the Declutter Process | #declutter #oganizing | thecasacollective.com

Sometimes when you try to declutter, though, it can be a little difficult to decide what stays and what goes. To help out with that problem, I’ve put together 10 questions you should ask yourself when trying to decide whether to keep an item or toss it. And by “toss it”, I mean you are either going to donate it, give it away to a friend, or throw it out. That does not mean you’re going to stash it in the garage or a storage area for all of eternity. (That’s definitely very counter-intuitive and not working towards the goal of having less stuff weighing you down. Keep your eye on the prize!)

10 Questions to Help Speed Up the Declutter Process

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Does it have sentimental value?
  3. Do I use it?
  4. How often do I use it?
  5. When was the last time I used it?
  6. Why don’t I use it?
  7. If I keep it, where will I put it?
  8. How many of these things do I really need?
  9. If I toss it, will I be able to get another one someday?
  10. What is the worst possible thing that could happen if I got rid of it?

These questions can apply to clothes, too. (Some of the biggest culprits of taking up valuable space.) Substitute “wear” for “use.” If you don’t like thinking about what you’re throwing out, think of it in terms of what you’re keeping instead. Plus – and perhaps the most alluring part of the deal – if you get rid of things you’re not using or that just aren’t important, you can make room for new things that really inspire you.

Getting and staying organized are the keys to making you feel like you run your house rather than your house running you. When you get rid of stuff you no longer want or need, it will bring a beautiful sense of freedom to you. And when you feel free, you feel more creative. Then you can get to the fun part of making everything look pretty.

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