Small Space Decorating: 10 Ways to Make Small Rooms Live Larger

Small Space Decorating: 10 Ways to Help Small Rooms Live Larger | Small space decorating offers its own challenges. These 10 tips will help those space-challenged rooms feel and live larger without knocking down any walls. | | #smallspacedecorating #smallspaces #decoratingsmallspaces #smalllivingrooms #smallkitchens #smallbedrooms #smalldiningrooms

What is it about the phrase “small space” that tends to strike fear and anxiety in the hearts of many? Sure, small space decorating offers its own challenges. However, there is something really refreshing about not wasting space. Having a limited area helps you stay focused on only the things you need and love most, as well as pushes you to be more creative with how you decorate and use it.

Today, I have 10 ideas that will help you make the most of a room that is limited on square footage. Through the use of color, the right accessories, proper furniture placement and a few other decorating tricks, you can turn your small space into a fabulous one. These tips will help those space-challenged rooms feel and live larger without knocking down any walls. 

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Choosing a Sofa: 12 Designer Tips to Read Before You Buy

12 Designer Tips for Choosing a Sofa | Need help choosing a sofa? Check out these decorating ideas and tips from top designers on what you need to know about sofas before you go shopping. | | #choosingasofa #interiordesign #livingrooms #sofa #furniture #designertips #decoratingtips #livingroomdecor

The sofa is the most important element of a living room. Not only is it where you lounge, nap, entertain, and watch television, but it’s also a large piece that has a substantial effect on the room’s overall style. When you are decorating a living room, your first priority is choosing a sofa.

Because the sofa has such an impact on the space for more than one reason, you don’t want to wing it when you go shopping for one. This is one piece you definitely want to give a lot of thought to beforehand and make sure you know exactly what you need. Answering that question isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like it to be, though. There are so many options!

Recently, House Beautiful asked top designers to share their decorating ideas, tips and secrets on choosing the perfect sofa and they delivered a treasure trove of information. I picked out 12 of the best tips that are sure to help you make an informed and confident decision the next time you shop for a sofa, along with some of my favorite sofas on the market right now via affiliate links to give you some ideas.

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How to Make a Bed with a Designer’s Touch

How to Make a Bed With a Designer's Touch | Have you ever wondered how to make a bed like designers do in the magazines? These simple steps will show you how you can make your bed picture perfect. | | #howtomakeabed #beds #bedroom #interiordesign

Growing up, making your bed was probably a chore your mom harped on you about completing before you left for school in the morning. Now, it has a lot of benefits you can appreciate as an adult, like making your bedroom look much more organized and put together. Any magazine-worthy bedroom has a beautifully made bed. If you want to know how to make a bed like designers do, keep reading!

There are a lot of different ways to make a bed depending on your taste and style. While the looks vary, the basic components remain the same. Once you’ve nailed down your style, it takes only about a minute or two each day to reset it to its magazine-ready form.

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Home Office Organization: 12 Simple Tips

Home Office Organization: 12 Simple Tips | Whether you use the space to pay bills or earn a living, these home office organization tips & tricks will help it to function efficiently and effectively. | | #homeofficeorganization #homeoffice #organization #homeofficeorganized #homeofficeorganizing #homeofficetips #organizationtips

My home office is one of my favorite (and most important) rooms in my home. It’s where I do things I love like gather inspiration, put together decorating plans, and write blog posts. It’s also where I do chores like bills, filing, business management, etc. Depending on your personal interests and responsibilities, your home office is command central, the place where you get things done.

Keeping your home office organized makes anything you do in there so much easier. Not only do I feel a lot more inspired when my office is organized, but I can also get the stuff done I don’t enjoy doing (I’m looking at you, bills) a lot quicker, more efficiently, and with less headache. A clean office cultivates a clear mind.

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10 Ways to Freshen Your Home For the New Year

10 Ways to Freshen Your Home For the New Year | The Casa Collective | #freshenyourhome #decoratingtips #interiordecorating #interiordesign

Let me begin this by stating that I really love Christmas (“C’mon and let it snow.” Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Love that movie.) …As I was saying, I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. However, when the season is over I am more than ready to put away the holiday decorations and get started with the new year. Like many people, I’m often inspired to make changes. One of the most fun places to begin is in my home. As I tell my clients, changes you make in your home will have an effect on you every day. And sometimes the smallest things you do to freshen your home can bring a huge reward.

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