10 Landlord-Friendly Apartment Decorating Ideas

Feel held back by your rental’s decorating restrictions? Here’s how you can decorate your rental space with landlord-friendly apartment decorating ideas. | TheCasaCollective.com | #apartmentdecorating #landlordfriendlydecorating #rentaldecorating #decoratingrental #decoratingapartment

Rental living has a lot of perks, but one aspect that can seem like a downside is the restriction on personalization. One of the best parts of having your own space is getting to make it your own, but often when renting an apartment or house you are limited to what you can change in it. Fortunately, the limitations set by your landlord don’t have to limit you from having a stylish space that reflects you.

Renting may make customization a little more challenging, but some of the most creative things ever made were done so under tight restrictions. In fact, sometimes the results can be even better when you don’t have endless options to get overwhelmed by.

There are lots of ways you can decorate an apartment or other leased space without having to paint the walls or tear out those funky colored tiles in the bathroom. With a few apartment decorating tips and tricks, you can put your stamp on it and make it a space that is a reflection of your personality. And you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to do it.

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3 Basic Types of Home Lighting and How to Use Them

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room design. Discover the fundamental types of home lighting and how to layer them in your home. | TheCasaCollective.com | #homelighting #lightingbasics #lighting

Lighting is one of the most transformative elements in interior design, yet it is often unknowingly treated like an afterthought. Anywhere you go ─ whether it’s a restaurant, a shop, a hotel or an art gallery ─ lighting is silently playing a huge part in how the place looks and feels. The entire ambiance can be controlled by the right lighting and your home lighting is no different!

Choosing the right lighting has more of an impact on the mood of a room than almost any other design element, yet it’s not always given enough consideration. It’s about more than just picking out a pretty lamp (though that’s definitely the fun part!) Knowing what types of lighting to use and where to use them will make all the difference. It can help make a space feel larger, cozier, festive, or romantic. Even if you need a space to suit different moods at different times, you can help control this with your choice of lighting.

It all starts with putting a game plan together.

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8 Daily Routines to Keep You Organized

Here are 8 daily routines you can easily add to your day, starting today. They will help you stay organized, are easy to implement and won't cost a dime! | TheCasaCollective.com | #organizingtips #dailyroutines #organizing

One of the best feelings in the world is when you get your living space clean and organized. Personally, I always feel a bit stressed when things are a mess. There is such a sense of relief and contentment that comes when things are in order my home, so I have a system of daily routines that help me stay on top of this.

Getting organized is one of the best things you can do to not only make your home look better, but also to make it feel better to be in. That’s why I love to share organizing tips because it makes such a huge difference in your home’s environment. However, here’s something important to keep in mind:

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Home

Ever wonder how designers put together a successful color scheme? Read these tips to find out how you can create the perfect color scheme for your home. | TheCasaCollective.com | #colorscheme #creatingcolorscheme #color #choosingcolors #interiordesign

The quickest way to change the look of a room is with fresh color. It’s usually one of the first things people think about when moving into a home or updating a room, but often ends up being the most challenging decision.

Since color is such a powerful element in design and can have a strong effect on how you feel in a space, it’s definitely not something you want to shrug off as an afterthought. However, that doesn’t mean it has to cause you a huge headache, either!

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How to Mix Decorating Styles Without Inciting a War

Whether you want to blend your own contrasting tastes or share a space with someone else, these tips will show you how to mix decorating styles & make it work. | TheCasaCollective.com | #mixingdecoratingstyles #interiordesign #mixingstyles #interiordecorating

Living with someone else (or multiple someone elses) has its fair share of challenges. For most people, decorating the space you share is on that list – and perhaps even at the top of it. Whether you share a home with a significant other, roommates, or family members, you know that a lot of compromises are required to keep things running smoothly.

However, coming to a conclusion on everyday conflicts may seem like a breeze when you compare it to the war zone that is created when you try to pick out colors, furniture, or any other kind of decor for the common areas of the home.

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