How to Make a Bed with a Designer’s Touch

Growing up, making your bed was probably a chore your mom harped on you about completing before you left for school in the morning. Now, it has a lot of benefits you can appreciate as an adult, like making your bedroom look much more organized and put together. Any magazine-worthy bedroom has a beautifully made bed. If you want to know how to make a bed like designers do, keep reading!

There are a lot of different ways to make a bed depending on your taste and style. While the looks vary, the basic components remain the same. Once you’ve nailed down your style, it takes only about a minute or two each day to reset it to its magazine-ready form.

How to Make a Bed With a Designer's Touch | Have you ever wondered how to make a bed like designers do in the magazines? These simple steps will show you how you can make your bed picture perfect. | | #howtomakeabed #beds #bedroom #interiordesign

In this post, we’re focusing on one popular way to make a bed that always yields stylish results. It’s so easy, you’re going to wish you’d done it sooner!

How to Make a Bed: COMPONENTS

To create your “looks like a designer did it” bed, you’ll need the following items:

  • Mattress Cover – Before you start making it beautiful, consider protecting your mattress with some type of mattress cover. Besides extending the life of your mattress, they can also provide an extra layer of padding.
  • Bedskirt or Dust Ruffle – This one is optional. It really depends on the style of your bed. If you have an ugly metal bed frame (or want to hide storage under your bed), you’ll want a dust ruffle. When buying a dust ruffle, make sure it’s long enough. Standard dust ruffles are 14 to 15 inches long, but they can be as long as 22 inches or more. To determine what length you need, measure from the top of the box spring to the floor. Try to find one in a heavier fabric such as linen for the most upscale result.
  • Sheets – 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat/Top Sheet, 2 Pillowcases
  • Light Blanket – This one is optional, too. It’s an opportunity to add color and texture along with an added layer of warmth if you need it.
  • Comforter or Duvet – What’s the difference between a comforter and a duvet?
    • A comforter is a fluffy, thick type of bedding that is filled with natural or synthetic material. It is quilted or stitched to insure the filling doesn’t move around and remains evenly distributed.
    • A duvet is a soft, flat bag filled with down, feathers or a synthetic fiber used instead of an upper sheet and blankets. It is protected by a removable duvet cover. The name “duvet” actually refers to just the insert. In the United States, a duvet is sometimes referred to as a comforter.
  • Euro Shams – Euro pillows measure 26-27 inches square. On twin beds use only 1, for full/queen beds use 2, and for king beds use 3.
  • 2 Standard or King Shams – On queen/full beds you’ll use 2 standard, on twin beds use 1 standard.
  • Decorative Pillows – To keep it simple for this design, have one neck roll pillow.
  • Decorative Throw or Bed Scarf – A throw is a small blanket that can be used for warmth and/or decoration. A bed scarf is also known as a bed runner. It is a flat piece of fabric that is placed across a bed. Both a throw and a scarf can be use to add extra color, pattern, and texture.


Now that you have all the necessary items, here are the 5 simple steps to put it all together.

1 Put on the mattress cover, followed by the bed skirt (if you’re using one) and then the sheets. Make sure the corners of the fitted sheet are lined up with the corners of the mattress and that it’s pulled tight. Then, add the flat sheet with the decorative edge facing down so when you fold it back, you’ll be able to see the decorative edge. If you’re not adding a light blanket, neatly tuck things in. I love to do hospital corners because they give the bed a nice crisp look. Martha Stewart has a great video on how to do hospital corners.

2 If you’ve included a light blanket, it comes next. Place it over the top sheet and tuck them both in. Then fold the top sheet and the blanket back about 12 to 14 inches. Some people like to tuck everything in all the way around the bed. However, it’s okay to only tuck things in at the foot of the bed and leave the sides untucked. This makes it easier to crawl into bed at night.

3 Next, you can choose either a comforter or duvet. Drape it over the blanket so that it hangs evenly on all sides and fold back the top half revealing the top sheet and blanket. I like to fold my comforter in a Z pattern at the foot of the bed, so that I can easily pull it over me if I get cold at night.

4 Time for the pillows! Here’s the order for the pillow layers:

  • Stand the Euro pillows against the headboard.
  • Put your sleeping pillows (in the pillowcases) upright in front of the Euro pillows.
  • Next, stand the shams in front of the sleeping pillows.
  • Finally, place the neck roll in the front the shams. You always want to leave a little space between the last throw pillow and the folded comforter or duvet.
  • Voila! You’re done!

5 Place a bed scarf across the bed or casually drape a throw at the foot of it. This gives it a nice final touch.

How to Make a Bed With a Designer's Touch | Have you ever wondered how to make a bed like designers do in the magazines? These simple steps will show you how you can make your bed picture perfect. | | #howtomakeabed #beds #bedroom #interiordesign

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so it’s important to style it so it’s worthy of the attention (and make you anxious to crawl back into it later). As you can see, giving it a designer touch is super simple. Try out these on yours and let us know how it went!

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