5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Art & Accessories

One of the biggest misconceptions about home decorating is that you have to spend a lot of money for it to look as good as what you see on Pinterest, Instagram or the inside of magazines. I love busting open that myth. Fabulous, affordable, easy decorating ideas are some of my favorites. Even if you invest in some expensive pieces, you can save money on others, especially the art and accessories.

In fact, some of the best decorating ideas don’t cost a single dime because they are easy tricks that improve the look of decor with something simple, like switching up the arrangement. It’s amazing how big a difference small details like that can make.

The five easy decorating ideas in this post focus on little changes that can improve what you already have for little to no money, and little to no elbow grease. This post contains affiliate links.

5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Art & Accessories | | TheCasaCollective.com | #decoratingideas #easydecoratingideas #displayingart #decoratingwithaccessories #decoratingwithart #homedecorating


1 Don’t overdo the accessories; less is more. One larger item on a shelf or tabletop makes a much stronger statement than a number of small ones. Look over what you have displayed to see if you need to do any editing. Cost: zero dollars!

2 Install shelves on a wall to display your art or photographs; that way you can change your arrangement as often as you want and you won’t have to worry about repairing the holes each time. If you paint the shelves the same color as the wall, they will almost disappear, which is a great decorating trick for small spaces.

3 To display collections, group them together. They’ll have much more impact as a group than they would spread out around the house. Don’t lose the smaller items in the group; elevate them on stands, books or decorative boxes to help them stand out. You could also group them in a pretty tray to keep a surface from looking cluttered.

5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Art & Accessories |  | TheCasaCollective.com | #decoratingideas #easydecoratingideas #displayingart #decoratingwithaccessories #decoratingwithart #homedecorating

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4 Have the perfect lamp, but it’s just not tall enough? Place it on a stack of books or decorative boxes to elevate it. Make sure that your “pedestal” isn’t wobbly and is strong enough to support the lamp. This gives you a taller lamp and adds some extra character to the space!

5 Use bright, colorful matting in place of white or cream to accentuate a piece of art. Pull a color from the art and then carry that color into the room with accessories or fabrics. If your art already has matting, save money by spray painting it!

Any of these decorating ideas can be done quickly, probably with things you already have lying around the house, and the difference will be seen immediately for some instant gratification. Which of these ideas are you most excited to try?

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