8 Daily Routines to Keep You Organized

One of the best feelings in the world is when you get your living space clean and organized. Personally, I always feel a bit stressed when things are a mess. There is such a sense of relief and contentment that comes when things are in order my home, so I have a system of daily routines that help me stay on top of this.

Getting organized is one of the best things you can do to not only make your home look better, but also to make it feel better to be in. That’s why I love to share organizing tips because it makes such a huge difference in your home’s environment. However, here’s something important to keep in mind:

Being organized isn’t a destination, it’s an ongoing journey.

Keeping things organized once you’ve gone through the hard work of getting them that way doesn’t just happen. Thankfully, it’s not hard at all to keep them in order if you incorporate some simple tasks into your daily life. There are lots of little things you can do on a daily basis to keep your home organized and remove one less stress from your life.

Of course, no one’s home is going to be perfectly organized all the time. Even the most obsessively organized people will usually have something out of place at some point. But the goal is to not let it get so out of hand that it starts affecting how you feel when you’re at home. If you regularly find yourself feeling frazzled because the clutter keeps getting away from you, then the daily routines in this post should help you avoid that feeling.

Here are 8 daily routines you can easily add to your day, starting today. They will help you stay organized, are easy to implement and won't cost a dime! | TheCasaCollective.com | #organizingtips #dailyroutines #organizing

Here are 8 daily routines you can easily add to your day, starting today. They will help you stay organized and keep things from piling up. Plus, they won’t cost you a dime!

Daily Routines to Keep You Organized

1 Do quick cleanups and do them often. Rather than spending a whole day cleaning your house, take a few minutes here and there to do small cleanups. For example, after brushing your teeth, wipe down the faucet and counter, clean out the sink and remove spots from the mirror. To make this easy, I keep a package of Windex and Clorox wipes under all my bathroom sinks. Breaking it up into small tasks that take just a few minutes is a lot less overwhelming than trying to do everything all at once.

2 Put things away when you are done with them. This is one of the oldest “tricks” in the book, but it truly helps to keep clutter from building up and keeps things organized. I can’t say this one enough! Take the extra 10 steps or 30 seconds it takes to put something away rather than leaving it out. This way, you won’t have a dozen things to pick up later that will take you even longer to do.

3 When you think of something you need to do but you can’t get to it right away, write it down. We may tell ourselves we’ll remember it, but that often isn’t the case. I keep a spiral notebook in which I jot down my notes. I’m always writing in it and know I’d be lost without it. If a notebook isn’t your thing, you could also keep notes in your cell phone and if you don’t have time to type it out, most phones have a handy voice-to-text feature that will make it even easier. You can even set reminders for yourself that your phone will alert you of at a designated time.

4 Finish up the task you are working on before you begin a new one. By doing this, you won’t find yourself with lots of incomplete projects to deal with. When you try to do more than one thing at a time, neither one gets your complete attention and can actually make them take more time to finish. It can be really easy to get distracted when an email comes through or you remember another task you need to do. Try to make it a point to not check your email until after you finish the project in front of you. If something pops into your mind, write it down on a post-it note, sticky note on your desktop, notepad or even in your phone so you know for sure that task will get attention later.

5 Whenever you find yourself saying, “I’ll do this later” – stop and do it at that moment. Unless you are busy doing something else, try not to put off small tasks that crop up. I’m guilty of this one and I always regret it. All those “laters” have a habit of piling up and can become overwhelming. Usually, whatever it is will take only a few minutes (like throwing away junk mail once you’ve looked through it or writing something down on your grocery list) and then you’ll have it off your chest.

6 Always keep your keys, purse, wallet, and cell phone in the same spot. When you’re ready to head out the door, you won’t have to waste time looking for these items. You can make this spot stylish by getting a pretty tray or box to keep these things in. If you don’t have an available surface by the door, hang a small shelf or basket on the wall with a hook beside it for your purse.

7 Hang up your clothes or put them in the hamper immediately after you take them off. Tossing them on the floor or over a chair means you’re going to have to pick them up later and until you do, they’re just adding to the clutter.

8 Clean up as you go along when working in the kitchen or on a project. It keeps the mess from getting out of control and gives you more work space. Before you start cooking, make sure the dishwasher is empty so you can rinse stuff as you go and pile it right inside. If you’re working on a project, keep a trash bin or bag nearby so you can keep your workspace clean as you go.

These are all simple daily routines that you can incorporate into your day starting right now to make your life and surroundings a little less chaotic. For more tips to help you get organized, check out these posts:

Do you have any tips that you’d recommend adding to add to the list? Leave us a comment!


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