5 Ways to Decorate with What You Have and Make it Feel Fresh

Decorating your home doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out and start out from scratch. Most of the time, you can decorate with what you have by making some simple changes and giving it new life. Whether it’s making an old piece of decor look chic with a can of spray paint, hacking furniture into something new, or simply changing an element like an accent wall to make the furniture pop can make a world of difference.

It’s so cool how big of an impact small details can have in decorating. Before you go out shopping for new things, take inventory of what you have. Go through every room and anything you have in storage and look at it with a creative eye. What is it you don’t like about each piece? Is it just the color or finish? Would some simple changes turn it into something you would like?

Often, we have pieces of furniture or decor that are the right shape and size, but they don’t look exactly the way we want them to. Before you throw them out and start fresh, see if there’s anything you can do to improve them. You’d be surprised what you can recycle. And the best part? It’s budget-friendly, so you have more money to spend on other things you do need or want to buy new!

5 Ways Decorate with What You Have & Make it Feel Fresh | To give your home a makeover, you don’t have to throw everything out. Follow these tips on how to decorate with what you have and make your home feel fresh and stylish on a budget. | TheCasaCollective.com | #decoratewithwhatyouhave #decoratingideas #budgetdecorating #inexpensivedecorating #interiordecorating


Here are five ideas to inspire you to decorate with what you have.

1 If you have two matching twin beds with headboards and footboards, take the footboard off one and replace it with the other headboard (your bed will now consist of 2 headboards and 2 rails). Voila! You have turned your plain twin beds into one new daybed. Add a couple of bolsters in the back, toss on several fluffy throw pillows of various sizes and you have created a welcoming spot anyone would want to curl up on.

2 Give a pre-fab bookcase a touch of personality. Cover the back panel with wallpaper or fabric that makes you happy and coordinates with the room décor. If you can’t remove the back, cut foam board to fit and cover it instead. This also makes it easy to change out whenever the mood hits you.

3 Update an old china cabinet by painting it in a neutral color and then paint the inside in a vibrant color. Whatever accessories or plates you put inside of it will really stand out. For a teen girl’s room, I once painted one in glossy black and painted the inside in hot pink. Then I spray painted the handles in chrome. It made quite a statement in the room. She loved it!

4 All the furniture doesn’t have to be the same color in a bedroom. Mixing wood stain furniture with white or painted furniture gives a room a contemporary vibe. Would your bedroom benefit from painting any of the furniture?

5 Highlight a piece of furniture by painting or adding wallpaper to the wall behind it. But don’t do the whole wall. Just do a space that is slightly wider than the furniture. Outline it with inexpensive decorative molding. See, sometimes you don’t have to do anything to the furniture to make it stand out!

Now, go around your house and see if you can find at least one thing you can update. Then, come back here and share your ideas in the comments! Happy recycling!

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